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Big things come in small parcels.

ThriveAgri has begun producing compressed small bales for the equine industry.

While these bales may be smaller than traditional hay bales they still average the same weight while taking up 35% less storage. The biscuit sizes are also uniform throughout our bales, making portioning out feeds easier and resulting in less waste.

We understand the importance on good quality hay and straw, which is why we feed test all of our hay lines and can provide these on request. 


Our current product line is listed below, however please get in touch if you have requirements beyond what we have listed. 


Prime Lucerne


  • Quality protein source

  • High protein & energy levels

  • High levels calcium, magnesium, Vitamin A & E




  • High fiber levels & requires more chewing, which stimulates saliva production

  • Lower levels of protein

  • Very palatable




  • High protein levels 

  • High calcium levels

  • Palatable

Image by Lena Myzovets

Cereal Straw


  • Lower energy - you can swap out up to 50% of grass hay with straw to achieve a diet that is less energy dense. 

  • For horses on a restricted diet, this can mean extended feeding time for your horse lessening the risk of gastric ulcers

Get in Touch

Ainsley Mikkelsen
Customer Solutions

M: 0437 615 642

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