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We aim to be a trusted partner in multi-origin specialty animal feed solutions

We’re an agile and energetic industry partner supporting the livestock industry by consistently delivering on-promise and providing high-quality animal  nutrition products that can often be hard to find.
After recognising a need for tailored nutrition and logistical solutions for livestock supply chains, ThriveAgri was born. 

We know our products well, but we know our people even better.


Through close partnership with Hay Australia, we offer customised feed solutions to our customers to enhance animal health and business productivity.


Being part of AgTrade Group has shaped our success as we utilise key logistical processes that enhance our customers’ experience at ThriveAgri. 

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How We Thrive

Trusted Partners

No matter what, our  customers come first.  We build long-term, honest relationships  because we’re more than  service providers, we’re  partners in feed.

Animal Feed Go-to

We’re the go-to for animal feed and nutrition who never compromise  on quality.

Timely & Precise

We’ll ensure every solution is delivered in  a timely and precise manner.

Long term Partnerships

Through strategic  partnerships and utilising the AgTrade networks and supply chain, we will cater to both domestic and international markets. Specifically Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East.

Targeted & Defined

ThriveAgri has developed
a compelling and innovative customer value proposition and will leverage this to enhance the customer experience.


We constantly seek to identify strategic supply chain opportunities which will enable the delivery of valued customer solutions and fast track the delivery of sustainable business growth.

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